It's quite easy to get caught up in your everyday routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, making dinner, taking care of the kids, maybe get a workout in, etc.  However, what makes you tick?   As you know from my previous post, I was away for a week in Kauai.

Scuba Diving in Poipu Beach

I try to get away whenever I can, as I believe it's great for the soul and with each trip, I collect new experiences and meet great people.  As much as I love the beach, I try to fill my life with adventure, so whether I'm staying local or I'm away,  I usually choose an active vacation, but balance it with beautiful scenery and a great spa!

Around two years ago, I got my scuba certification, and I go diving whenever I am somewhere tropical.  I did go diving once in Iceland, but as cool (literally!) as it was, I realized how much I appreciated wearing a 3 or 5 millimeter wetsuit instead of a drysuit.  Anyway, my point in telling you this, is that every time I am under water, I sing to myself the song "A Whole New World" and am always so happy chasing turtles or watching sharks or manta rays put on a show in front of me.  Some may say I'm crazy.  I say I'm living and collecting memories that will last a lifetime.

Kauai Sunset


So the next time you may be crazed with the kids or mad at your significant other, try something new together or maybe just go somewhere and have a spa or golf weekend to rejuvenate.  Watch a sunrise or a sunset.   Life is about balance, and I believe that is the key to a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Tell me what's going on with your love life.  Is there a topic I can talk about for you?

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