The old Jimmy Soul song "If You Want To Be Happy for the Rest Of Your Life, Never Make A Pretty Woman Your Wife" is ringing true according to a new study. Harvard researchers first asked women to judge the attractiveness of 238 men from high school yearbook pictures, it turns out the most attractive were the ones likely to make lousy husbands and wind up divorced from their spouses according to Medical Daily.

It gets worse, researchers also checked the top 20 actresses on IMDB and 100 most powerful men and found that they have the rockiest marriages and shortest relationships according to the Daily Mail.

So why would that be? One reason could be that good looking people are more likely to be hit on by other people and if things aren't going well could be more likely to cheat because they can. Another could be that looks get you farther ahead both in the bedroom as well as business and if you're used to getting what you want, you'll keep looking for someone to give it to you when you're not happy in your current situation for whatever reason..

Relationships are hard work made easy in that you don't mind doing it because of the draw that your partner has on you. That being love. True long lasting relationships come when you see the person as so much more attractive on the inside than they are on the outside, no matter how attractive they physically are. Fortunately for me, I was able to find that. Hopefully you either did or will as well.

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