If you feel more crazy than usual during the Christmas and holiday season, you may not be losing your mind like you think.

Family Therapist Liz Mandel joined me this morning to discuss dealing with relationships around the holidays.

I posed the question to Liz as to whether or not she thinks that we are all crazy during the holidays.  "It's a time of total chaos. It doesn't surprise me that the highest day for conception is right around Christmas Eve. That's the time when the men shell out all the money. The women feel obligated to have sex. They (the women) feel desperate because they think 'oh gosh, is this going to be my one final shot at a man for the rest of the year?' So they put out, the guys put out the money and then after New Year's comes around people look at each other and say 'This isn't good enough, this isn't right. What did I just do? So I gotta get out of this."

Listen to what else Liz had to say about relationships and the how to cope during the holiday season in the YouTube clip above.

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