You wouldn't expect to see Governor Murphy on a train, but there he was, traveling to New York to meet with S&P, Fitch and Moody’s rating agencies about the state budget, according to our own Michael Symonds. What if you ran into him? What would you say? The governor who's approval rating stands at 56%... so you would figure such a question would provide some positive answers. Think again. Here are some of your answers... along with my comments.

Robert Michelin: "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Governor. I charge a $5 fee for greetings."

Chris Curtis: "Murphy on Mass Transit??!!!??? OK---that is funny. OK--let me try: 'Hey Governor, ever been on a train or bus before?'"

Rick Verso: "Get off at the next stop, find the nearest hospital and get your head checked for a missing brain!"

Curt Schmidt: "Hey Murph! How are you?"
Carlo Bellario: "Never the train shall meet"
Paul Venier: "Get off"

Kenny Jones: "Sir, can you LOWER Taxes PLEASE. People are leaving our state because it`s become to damn costly to live here"

Melissa Creaven Paszko: "Scoot over, we need to chat!"

Frank Ralston: "Did you see the movie,Throw Mama from the Train"

Gary Cavico: "What about the pot thing?"... That’s how you got the gig in the first place.

Anthony E Richardson: "Don't tax the f**k out of us. You can't pay for everything off the back off tax payers ."

Nancy Fecca: "Me meeting him on a train would not be good for either of us!"

Keith Vena: "I would be very surprised to see him riding the train with the rest of the common people during normal daily operation hours which happens to experience all the service delays and cancelations!!!"

Carl Bradley: "If I answer this honestly, there will be a knock on my door before I know it."

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