Bill Parcells once said about Phil Simms when he was playing that we would "miss old number 11" and for years he was right. Now as Governor Christie leaves office he's lamenting that we're gonna miss him when he's gone and I agree. The Governor leaves a huge legacy. I'm going to miss the back and forth usually about Giants-Cowboys when I would follow "Ask The Governor." I'm also going to miss the bravado of the first four years. I'll never forget following him the night Superstorm Sandy hit and he came here because it was the best place for him to get the word out. To me, he was part of what made it cool to be from Jersey.

Whether you love him or hate him, and now it appears most fall into the latter, there was no denying his presence. I asked what you will most miss about Governor Christie and amid the memes, fat jokes, and general sarcasm, here's some of what you came up with... which also includes general sarcasm.

  • Paul Zagarella - The chair memes.
  • Gigi Albertson - Not much!!
  • Roque Wilson - Like him or hate him, he had balls and I did like that about him. We're screwed with Murphy.
  • Nick Palumbo Sr. - His sense of humor.
  • Brian Sexton - The Dallas Cowboy owner box photos.
  • Eric Barash - How employees hired during the Corzine administration, and then fired by him.
  • Justin Johnson - Didn’t like him at all and I’m a center/right guy. Don’t like Murphy either. NJ has a history of terrible politicians and lots of corruption, ridiculous high taxes.
  • Rich Zimmerman - His softball playing prowess.
  • Andrew Chick Pisani - Like all politicians, nothing to miss except his personal form of BS.

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