Among the things Governor Murphy's done since he's taken office, he's raised the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour, his budget includes money to provide lawyers to help those here illegally fight deportation and he promised to legalize recreational marijuana but hasn't been able to make it happen and it seems like he's taxing everything under the sun, including the rain. So what does it feel like to be "Murphy'd" in New Jersey? For example, when the governor wants to ban you from using plastic bags that you reuse over and over again for whatever reason at home, THAT'S getting Murphy'd. Here's what my social media followers came up with for getting "Murphy'd" in New Jersey:

Brian K Brown - "Suckered"

Justin Morris - "Taxed out the a$$"

Kathleen Cahill Tintle - "Sent down the rapids without a life jacket!"

Eric Jensen - "Screwed!"

Andrew Miller - "I got a bill today because the sun came out. #Murphyed"

Robert Michelin - "Pick pocketed"

Rick Verso - "Screwed without the kiss!"

Perry Michael Simon - "I'll settle for Not Leaving Lots Of Runners On Base In Scoring Position Night."

Cindy Zwicker - "Frustrated"

Stephen Desko -" Have your tax dollars go to provide college education for ILLEGAL ALIENS while your own children rack up 6 figures worth of debt & they are forced to live in Mom's basement until they pay down the debt?? Murphied."

Wayne Sweeney - "It means you and the rest of the state of New Jersey will become Murphy's love toy!"

Garth H. Raymond - "Making a decision to relocate where common sense is still somewhat common"

Mark Cumberland - "Murph on the Loose, it's almost daily. He is like a pot smoker with a ton of bad ideas one after another."

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