OK, it's obviously a serious story about a guy in Maryland who was stabbed to death over an argument that started inside a Popeyes Chicken restaurant. There's so much hype over the new chicken sandwich that people are fighting, cursing out employees, cutting lines and in one tragic recent case, killing over it.

I've never personally tried the Popeye's Chicken sandwich, but gotta say, I'm tempted now for sure. I'm more of a Chick-Fil-A guy, more supporting their politics than their chicken, but that's for another article.

For now I gotta ask you, what food would you go out of your way to get and be mad if you couldn't get it? For me, it would have to be the Cheesesteaks at Big John's in Cherry Hill. Actually not sure if it's still around, but back in the 1980's there was no better place to take shaved steak and fake cheese and make it a masterpiece. It was the kind of sandwich that would easily make the 'last meal' list.

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