I realize that I am lucky that pretty much every summer I have the opportunity to go on a vacation with my husband. So I'd love to appreciate that and simply enjoy every moment of being alone with and really being able to reconnect with my husband.

I'd love to say that my vacations are completely relaxing and carefree but the fact is because I'm a mom, that is simply not the case.

When you're a mom and you go away without your children, even if they're grown, there's a period of time when you first get to where you're going that you think; "This time, I'm not going to let the thoughts of what the kids might be doing interfere with my good time." Or,  "This time, I'm not going to carry my phone around in case they need me."

Unfortunately, (at least for me and a lot of moms I know) neither of the aforementioned happens! in fact once you have kids--especially if you are like me and you tend to fret about things--it's difficult to find a carefree moment.

And it gets a little better when they grow up, but not much. (Remember the old adage "small kids, small problems-- bigger, kids bigger problems"?)

Now that I'm back I'm saying to myself, "next time, you'll just enjoy more and worry less!" But then again, I say that every time.

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