Only a few outside of the political class, the media and the hyper partisan watched the debate Tuesday night. Most people watching already had their favorite and rooted for their guy or gal.

Early on Phil Murphy was battling a serious case of dry mouth. If you've ever been nervous speaking in front of a crowd you may know what this is like. But few have to battle the affliction on live TV. At some points it looked like you old uncle Bob getting used to his new dentures at Thanksgiving dinner while you and your sister couldn't help but snicker under your napkins.

Now to the substance of the debate. "Blah blah blah blah blah....that's not true. Blah blah blah blah blah...excuse me that's just not true."

They both had their talking points and platitudes and typical political rhetoric. Nothing new on substance. No one really cares. The state worker crowd wants their benefits back that they feel Christie took away, and the private sector wants the bleeding to stop and a brighter future for business and jobs.

On style, Kim Guadagno came off as more compassionate but defensive. Murphy came off as the angry avenger looking to promise the world to those who feed off the teet of mother government. In general, the debate was a draw, but what I took away most was how much Phil Murphy resembles the cartoon character The Grinch.

He will most likely win and will most likely steal more than Christmas from New Jersey taxpayers, unless you're one of his many tax consumer supporters. At least weed will be legal and you can smoke your concerns away every night....if you can afford it!

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