How much snow have we gotten in New Jersey this year? According to our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, we've had at least 9 days of 2 inches or more on the ground. It seems like every other day, we're either getting over a major snowfall or preparing for one. If ever there was a year to buy a snow blower, this was it.

But when it comes to a snowblower, take my advice, don't buy one. With the way my luck runs, I know that as soon as I spend hundreds of dollars on a snowblower, global warming will take effect and we'll never see snow again. The move here is to hope one of your neighbors buys a snowblower and is having so much fun with it, that they come and blow you out as well. My father loved his so much that he would do the entire block.

But when it comes to this much snow in New Jersey, all we can do is what we do whenever we're faced with a tough situation. Look it in the eye (of the storm?) and laugh in its face.

So when I asked to complete the sentence, "We've gotten so much snow in New Jersey that..." here's some of what I got:

SNOW: We've gotten so much snow in New Jersey that...

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