In the latest move to further coddle our already over-protected and over-scheduled youth, the NJ legislature is moving to make it even harder for youth coaches.

Despite the fact that coaches are already required to go through approved training courses, Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly wants to add an additional required training, essentially sensitivity training, for coaches.

This is exactly what is wrong in New Jersey. Legislatures making up problems that only through their legislation can we see a solution. Reports of why the law is necessary cite extreme examples of coaches misbehaving, including the coach who got fired for leaving a profanity laced voicemail and one accused of pointing a gun at an athlete. Clearly, these are not typical coaching experiences and to justify legislation on outlier events is disingenuous and wrong.

Another cost to taxpayers for additional training and worse, further coddling kids who are being raised without adversity, leaving them vulnerable and weaker as they get out into the world. We hear people complain about the entitled Millennials often, but it's unfair to criticize the youth who were shielded from reality and taught to expect an easy ride.

It's not a coincidence that so many families suffering with addicted kids, siblings and spouses have told me one of the underlying reasons is a failure to cope with adversity and life's normal challenges. Blaming coaches for not being sensitive enough will further erode the necessary toughness that many kids will only get from the expectations, challenges and disappointments that happen in competitive youth sports.

We've all been to the waste-of-time corporate "sensitivity" training. No serious adult believes that this is anything more than "lawsuit avoidance". Applying the worst of corporate culture to our kids sports will only further separate kids from the reality of a harsh world, which they will be ill-equipped to handle.

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