Forget about Garden State, New Jersey's slogan should be, "Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out." For the 6th straight year we once again lead the nation in people moving out. Why would anyone want to leave Shangri-La?

Personally I love it here. I reek of Jersey. It's who and what I am and I'm very proud of that. I wouldn't survive a week without real Jersey food, especially the bread, and fresh mozzarella.  As far as what it costs to stay in Jersey, I think it's worth it at any cost. I'm thinking we should make it even more expensive. This way it keeps the riffraff out.  But that's me. When I asked why you would stay or leave new Jersey on my social media, here's some of what I got:

Brian Startare - "The only thing that makes me stay is the schools. When my youngest is 18. I’m out."

Michael Hoydis - "I left NJ over 5 years ago. Now sitting on 18 acres with RE Taxes of $2200. No Traffic ( Special Note: there is no work here either. I am retired. ) You have to stay in New Jersey to make the 'Big Bucks' and the day you retire... you pack the moving van and depart. )"

Lori Berry - "What the government is doing to this state makes me want to leave and family is what makes me stay!"

Paul Venier - "I love the people, the food and the geographical diversity but if I left it would be because it’s just too expensive to live here.

Bob Palio - "Highest in real estate taxes, which raises rents too, plus it's the Toll Capitol of the World, where tolls were promised to go away after projects were done, instead they keep them and raise them every year, and not to mention, way too much government in your life, gun laws, car insurance, etc.."

Shirley Ressler - "Wow less traffic, cool. They all seem to be leaving NJ and moving to Florida. Our traffic is getting bad. I may move back."
Andy Rehorn - "I'm paying 14,000 a year for a 1600 square foot home in Metuchen. It was 6300 when we moved in 17 years ago. When I retire I will be taxed out of my home. Simple as that."
Pat McCloskey - "Would the last person out please turn off the lights?"
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