Even though it was the law, I didn't force my kids to wear bike helmets before they turned 17. I know, I'm a bad parent.

I tried a couple of times, but they would just ditch them in the bushes and retrieve them before they came home. Plus I couldn't in good conscience insist on something that I never did as a kid(it didn't become law until after I grew up), and we were far more reckless and crazy than these kids were.

I have noticed over the years people wiping out who were wearing helmets, or kids riding aimlessly in the street without a care. Last evening I saw an middle-aged dufus with his wife, all geared up, oblivious that I was pulling up right next to him, make a left turn right in front of me.

I get it if you're one of those spandex wearing guys on expensive bikes going at high speeds over long distances on busy roads. It's smart for them to wear a helmet, but if you're riding around the neighborhood on a bike, give me a break.

I think it provides more of a false sense of security than it provides any safety.

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