Thank goodness Al Alvarez was called to testify before legislators this past week.

Of course, his testimony didn't demonstrate much. Even after he was asked several times, the man Katie Brennan accuses of raping her while they were both on the Murphy campaign couldn't say who actually hired him for a high-ranking, $140,000 job in the Murphy administration.

Legislators have wanted the answer to that question for months. And Alvarez says even he doesn't know -- though somehow, he knew he had the job, and showed up to work.

"This beats the hell out of any other thing I've ever seen," Jim Gearhart says on this week's  Jim Gearhart Show podcast, available here as well on iTunes and Google Play.

"The questions are obvioujs ... did he just walk in and sit down? And if nobody hired him, nobody knew anything about it, what happened to the real chief of staff the head of the department must have considered? And how did he get on payroll?"

Jim's been chatting for the last few weeks with Patrick Lavery, subbing in for Jim's usual partner, Bob Williams, while Bob recovers from a kidney transplant. And Patrick points out, prosecutors apparently told Brennan DNA they recovered doesn't match Alvarez, even though Alvarez has always acknowledged the two had a sexual encounter. She's called the release of video of her conversations with prosecutors an attempt to smear her.

So no one knows who hired him. No one knows why he wasn't fired. And the evidence collected at the scene doesn't match him.

"Thank God he got called to testify. ... I was beginning to have doubts as to weather Al Alvarez actually existed," Patrick says.

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