Water, Ice and Food is available to Somerset County residents.

These items are available at the Somerset County Emergency Services Training Facility, at 402 Roycefield Road in Hillsborough Township.


Ice & Water
Ice & Water. I picked up for 3 families. The sleeping bag is mine, thanks. (Craig Allen photo)


Pick up continues til 8pm today (Saturday) and 8 til 8 tomorrow. You might want to check hours and supply availability after the weekend.

(2) 24-packs of water, 1 bag (five, 7-lb individual bags) of ice, and the 14-meal emergency food ration box per family.

ration contents
The contents of an individual food pack. (Craig Allen photo)

The individual food packs contain: 2 crackers, 2 toaster pasties, jam and jelly pack, 1 food pouch (spaghetti & meatballs, or vegetable lasagna, or beef ravioli, or chili & macaroni), a tootsie roll, the spoon & napkin, salt & pepper. Plus the heating pack to warm the meal.

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