So here's a video that is going to make you happy to drive in New Jersey. Even though we think we have some the worst drivers in the world here, I think our parking skills are pretty good.

In New York, however, all bets are off!

A friend of mine had this happen while she was sleeping and her friends/neighbors security camera caught it. There is her poor, unassuming little blue hatchback just sitting there parked--not bothering anybody--when a minivan careens into it seemingly for no reason.

Unfortunately they were only able to get the last four numbers off the minivans license plate and since the police said--since the car was parked--it was property damage only and not necessarily a criminal act, they would not be able to pursue it any further.

Can you imagine watching this happen to your car? Or having your friend call you to say "look outside the window someone just hit you….Hard"

The big questions here are these:

As this occurred at 7:46 AM, what could have been this drivers problem? Was he drunk? Did he hit the gas instead of the break?

What took so long to get to pull away from the curb after the collision? It's not like there was no room to get out! And most importantly, where did this person learn to drive?

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