How did you feel about the 84 Lumber ad aired during Super Bowl which featured a 90 second story called 'The Journey Begins'? It shows a Mexican little girl and her mother and the hardship they endure in trying to walk many miles to sneak out of their country and illegally into the United States. At the end of the ad it tells you to go to to see the conclusion which was deemed too controversial for television.

Watch the full ad with the controversial conclusion below:

So there you have it. Trump's wall had indeed gone up in this ad. Stopping the adorable little girl and her despairing mother who doesn't seem to know if they'll even have the strength or food or water to go back. Out of the girl's backpack is pulled a homemade American flag. Then suddenly a ray of light that seems to beckon the mother and girl. Then a cut to the speeding pickup truck, filled with construction equipment, and being driven away on the American side by a white man who looks back in his rearview mirror at his handiwork. He had cut through that wall and installed a giant door to freedom, which the mother and daughter make their way through to brilliant sunlight.

It's so perfect, isn't it? Who could find fault with this innocent little child who has fashioned together an American flag? She's already in love with America. They are hungry, dirty, exhausted. You'd be an animal to deny them, right? That's exactly what this is designed to make you feel. The only problem is people who sneak into the country illegally are basically cutting in line all of those who are following the proper, legal channels. And I think this ad is disgusting.

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