Colonial Williamsburg was trying to send the message that if you transport backwards through time, through all our American history, it all started there. Their Super Bowl ad was a series of events in America played backwards to drive the point home that we're going back in time, back to the days of the founding of our nation and colonial times in Williamsburg, Virginia. One of the clips it showed has many outraged. A clip of the collapsing of one of the twin towers on 9/11, only backwards, so it's going back up in the image.

Some are seeing this to mean it's as if 9/11 never happened, which in context of all the historic clips being played backwards is clearly not what they meant. Many more are simply outraged that a for profit venture would use any image of 9/11 in an advertisement. One tweet I read compared it to using Auschwitz in an ad.

What do you think? Watch the commercial above and take our poll below.

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