Did you see Lady Gaga absolutely crush it at the halftime show for Super Bowl LI? Whether you like her songs or not, we should all agree that the women is talented. It turns out Gaga can thank the Garden State for some of her early success!

Rob Fusari, born and raised in Livingston, NJ, is the Grammy winning artist who produced Gaga's debut album The Fame. Fusari first saw Gaga (then, Stephani Germanotta) play in a Livingston studio in 2006. From there, the two worked together to shape The Fame and create her stage name, inspired by Queen's Radio Gaga.

Fusari is credited on five songs on Gaga's award winning album:


Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Again Again

Brown Eyes

Disco Heaven

The two dated, and their relationship has since not gone so smoothly, but Jersey can still be proud to have some influence on Lady Gaga and her career.

Fusari also worked with artists like Will Smith, Britney Spears, Destiny's Child and Jersey girl, Whitney Houston.

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