Terrifying video shows a van plow into a nanny pushing an infant in a stroller.

The video was captured by a home security camera pointed at the street in Haworth, Bergen County. It was posted to YouTube by user Jerry DeMarco.

The video shows the nanny pushing the stroller near the curb on Brook Street. A white van rolls toward her from behind. As the van hits the nanny, she crumples to the ground and the stroller turns over. She then struggles to get up, right the stroller and push it to safety on the grass.

After hitting the stroller, the van stops briefly, but the driver appears to stay inside. Less than 30 second later, the van drives away.

The 55 year old nanny is hospitalized, but the 1 1/2 year old child was securely strapped into the stroller, and was not injured.

Dailyvoice.com reports the van was a rental from Enterprise, driven by a FedEx worker. The homeowner was able to provide police with the video and still images of the van.

Police in neighboring Demarest stopped the van a short time later, and arrested the driver. Daily Voice says 56 year old David Gutfeld has been charged with reckless driving, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash and failing to report it.

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