The older you are the more you'll find this funny.

I came across this on my Facebook feed and had to laugh. Not in a mean way. Please know I'm laughing as much at myself as I am at these teenagers. They are every bit as confused by this rotary dial phone as I would be trying to, well, fill in the blank. (using Apache Kafka, designing cloud services, doing metadata design, etc.) Because the rapid rate at which technology changes has us often living in both the past and the present at once.

It's scary to think of what I've seen come and go in my lifetime and I'm only middle-aged. As a little kid I saw VCRs using VHS tapes. Try to even find one now. I saw the compact disc come and go. Now music is something for the most part that's not even tangible. It's downloaded out of the thin air like magic to somebody my age.

Infant car seat laws didn't exist when I was born. I was brought home in the front seat on my mother's lap. The first child passenger safety laws were passed in 1985. Now mom would have been arrested.

Speaking of cars, who remembers vent windows and manual hand crank windows? Or that floor button you'd stomp on with your left foot to turn on your high-beams?

What's come and gone that you can think of? Add yours in the comment section below.

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