It is a pretty common occurrence in urban areas either on the street or gas stations.

Now it’s moved to the suburbs, especially here in New Jersey.

Someone will approach you and tell you that they just need a couple of bucks for gas.

The person will say they ran out of money and left their debit or credit card at home.

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That usually happens not far from a major highway, of which there are many in congested areas of our state.

These are usually junkies looking for a couple of bucks for a quick fix.

Although, sometimes it may be someone looking to rob you or somehow take advantage of you.

It seems to be moving more frequently to the suburbs and there could be several reasons.

Cities are becoming more dangerous and people there are becoming more conscious or aware of the scam.

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Some of these people are pretty convincing and skilled at appealing to your kinder, more generous nature.

This past weekend I was approached by a young guy with New York plates in South Jersey.

The location was minutes from Philadelphia which has a pretty active open-air drug market in a section called Kensington.

Whether he got a fix or a full tank with the money, I’m not sure. If you don’t mind where the money actually goes and don’t feel too threatened, you can give up a 5 or a 10.

Some people will ask the person to pull up to the pump and they’ll pay for the gas at the pump.

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If they’re asking for money for food you could walk them into the gas station convenience store and pay for their food at the counter.

The smart thing and the most prudent choice is to just walk away and either ignore them or pretend you don’t speak English.

Either way, it’s a sign of the times that we live in that people are less and less trusting of strangers and there are more and more people looking to take advantage of others.

Just a heads up and it’s your choice to decide what you do with your money and your compassion.

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