The mama bear and cubs that have been wandering around Washington Borough are pretty neighborly.

They've stopped by residents' yards a few times, but they've been respectful of people's property. They haven't even gotten into homeowners' garbage cans.

Carol Harrington had seen footprints on her deck last year, but said she's seen a lot more of the bears this year. But she still got a bit of a surprise about two weeks ago, when she peered out her back window and saw the mama and cubs making the most of her hammock.

"I would say in the 13 or 14 years we've been here," this has been the most active year.

They don't teach hammock classes in bear school, and the trio had to experiment a bit to get the hang of it. But the hammock survived unharmed, Harrington said.

Louis C. Hochman is digital managing editor for Reach him at or on Twitter @LouisCHochman.

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