Anytime we get a snowstorm, people call it a blizzard. But there are very specific conditions that a storm has to meet in order to legitimately be called a blizzard.

Winds have to be high enough for blizzard conditions to exist and visibility has to be low enough for it to legitimately be considered a blizzard. So even though they called for a blizzard in my town, I have yet to find out if it is can be officially confirmed a blizzard.

Not that I think it's something you can really eyeball, because I know that instrumentation exists that can accurately measure these things, but what do you think?

Seasoned weather hobbyists might be able to tell just from looking outside my front door. I still think we need a few MPH of the wind to truly make it to blizzard status!

Do you consider this a blizzard? Take our poll below:

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