During morning rush hour seems to be the worst time for the "left lane morons" to do their thing. Maybe they're still half asleep. Maybe they're texting or catching up on work email before they get into the office.

Sometimes they're just chillin', oblivious to the world around them and the cars stacking up behind them wanting to get by.

Many times, they're going above the speed limit already, but people still want to go past them. This makes them and their defenders say, "if you're already going over the speed limit why should I/they move out of the way?"

Because it's the law. Stay right except to pass. You can easily cruise in the middle or right lane and not impede anybody's progress, except trucks. The middle lane is their passing lane on a three-lane highway like Route 295.

That's the road I take every day to and from work. Just about every morning the flow of traffic suddenly slows down due to a left-lane moron sitting in the far-left lane. Sometimes they'll even speed up if someone sees the opportunity to pass them on the right. That's just plain psychotic and dangerous.

Most times it's just an idiot unaware that he/she is holding up the flow of traffic until it finally dawns on them from the cars whizzing by on their right.

Here's some play-by-play of how it looks after two miles of waiting for it to dawn on this moron to move over...

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