A longtime North Jersey landmark is up for sale, to the highest bidder. The former Crossroads Diner, which shuttered its doors last July in Warren County is listed on eBay, for sale "as is."

The diner measures about 50 feet long by 16 feet wide, with a seating capacity of roughly 50 people. The arrangement includes counter stools, two 6-top booths and two 4-top booths.

The eBay listing for the stainless steel "Antique 1957 Diner" gives a full rundown of the inside equipment that is included: pie case, lower refrigerator coolers, coffee urn stand, stainless wall mounted shelving, original Formica-clad cashier booth, original waitress station and exterior neon tube lighting/transformers.

The Crossroads Diner was built in 1957 by the Campora Dining Car Co. in Kearny.

When the diner closed for good, a number of long-time customers shared photos on Facebook as they made one last visit. Whoever winds up with the winning bid will need to arrange local pick-up from its site in Belvidere.

The listing says the building is in "excellent condition, inside and out," but also is being purchased "as is," with the buyer accepting the diner "with all faults."

NJ diner for sale Crossroads rgsales2 via eBay
NJ diner for sale (rgsales2 via eBay)

As of Thursday afternoon, there were five bids, the highest above $26,000. The auction is set to close on Friday afternoon.

A payment of $6,000 is required within 24 hours upon completion of the auction. The balance is due within 3 days of the end of the auction.

The team behind the sale had no comment, when asked about the listing by New Jersey 101.5.

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