It's not often in our great state that voters have a chance to stop government spending in it's tracks. Politicians have a history of passing taxes in the dead of night to keep you from resisting and calling them out on their incompetence and blatant disregard of the affordability crisis facing middle and working class families.

As you know, they craft deceiving explanations for ballot questions to make you think the endless requests for more of your money are critical to our very survival. "Think of the children!" "Save jobs!" "Education matters!" All cries from the corrupt pols that have run our state into the ground over the past few decades.

One of the worst offenses is the sneaky scheduling of votes in the off-season. Local referendums to increase spending and borrowing often pass as few people even know about the votes before it's too late.

Well if you live in Florence, Hillsborough and Monroe, you have a chance to on Tuesday, March 12th to turn out and vote. And vote "NO". Don't let them spend one more dollar. Don't let them borrow one more dollar. Don't let them raise your taxes one more dollar.

With the state's debt and liabilities ballooning out of control, if you don't stop local government from piling on, the problem will only get worse. Do something about it. The politicians have failed us. Let's take our state back one town at a time. Vote "NO" on Tuesday, March 12th.

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