😴 Two Newark cops have been suspended without pay

😴 The officers were photographed sleeping in a police vehicle

😴 An investigation into the photo is underway

NEWARK — The City of Newark has suspended two police officers without pay after a photo of them napping in a police SUV went viral on social media.

The pic shows a pair of cops sleeping in a police vehicle for the Sixth Precinct with the front passenger window down during the daytime. It's unclear if the SUV is turned on. Officials did not say when the photo was taken.

As of Thursday, more than 24,000 people have upvoted a Reddit post of the photo showing the pair of cops nodding off in a sixth precinct police vehicle.

To Protect And Sleep by u/ifuckedyourmom8times in pics

Around 1,200 people commented on the post. Many made jokes about the photo at the officers' expense, while a few defended the cops.

An investigation into the circumstances of the photo is underway, according to Newark Public Safety Director Fritz Fragé. In a statement sent by a spokesperson, Fragé said the police division became aware of the photo on May 31.

"Termination of employment is not immediately presumed but is pending the completion of the investigation by the Office of Professional Standards along with consideration of other factors," Fragé said.

by u/ammonitions from discussion To Protect And Sleep
in pics


by u/SpicySatan666 from discussion To Protect And Sleep
in pics

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