He's been in office for only six months and already taxes have gone up by nearly $1.4 billion. He says he still hasn't given up on raising the state sales tax from 6.65% to 7.00%. Gov. Phil Murphy is still deciding on whether to tax you five cents for every plastic or paper bag you use. There's even talk in the legislature about a new tax on tap water.

Property taxes? Still no solution.

So as New Jersey gets more and more expensive and those who want to slip out of this fiscal noose are setting their sights on moving south, imagine what a second Murphy term might bring? By then I'm sure they'll have their sales tax, their bag tax, their water tax, and every other tax they can get away with. Millions of dollars are being spent on free legal help for illegals to fight deportation. I'm sure with this kind of tax and spend logic a tax on the air we breathe will happen as soon as they can figure out a way to justify it.

So for those who choose not to leave, how will you survive a second Murphy term? Here's a handy video that will help you know how to still feed your family after New Jersey sucks every penny they can from you.

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