Add this to the long list of things a parent can feel guilty about. Our little guy Cooper, less than 2, has always made it to every pediatric checkup and is up on all his vaccines. His vision was tested as a baby and his eyes were looked at in his check-ups. We had no reason to think anything was wrong.

But a few weeks ago we began noticing one eye was trying to turn in, but only occasionally. It only seemed to happen if his focus was on something at certain distances. Still, it was troubling. My daughter, now 12, had Esotropia as a toddler. Her one eye was always turning slightly in and I caught it in time. She needed surgery. She was also less than two years old, so of course I thought "here we go again."

We took Cooper to Hunterdon Family Eye Care to a terrific guy, Dr. Sinoway. After an extensive exam we found out he didn't have what my daughter had. But he did have extreme farsightedness and some depth perception issues. Turns out he had probably never truly seen clearly. All the times we'd hold him in our laps talking to him our faces were most likely blurred out. So he needed glasses.

They came in this week, and he began using them Wednesday. My wife took these videos of the first moments he had them on and started seeing clearly for the first time. I noticed the way he was looking at his little hands; it was as if he had never truly seen them before.

He is already happier and more confident and he just started wearing them. Thank God we took him!

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