Earlier this week we showcased a man trying to teach his cowardly neighbor a lesson on neighborliness and how to communicate. Our guy Chris was the recipient of a piece of mail that was intended for another neighbor. The other neighbor it was supposed to go to still has Trump flags and signs on his property and the cowardly neighbor wrote a rude note that ended up at the wrong address.

Listener submitted photo
Listener submitted photo

So, our guy Chris decided to put the whole thing on Facebook and his front lawn. Well, his landlord asked him to take the display down, because people have been stopping by all day taking pictures. You can't blame the landlord. Nobody wants the kind of attention the signs are getting. Well, yes somebody apparently does. Chris' neighbor across the street has agreed to let him put the display there.

So, the person that wrote the note to the original Trump supporter with flags and banners in front of their house, now has two Trump displays, that will apparently rotate houses for the time being. Perhaps more people with feel the urge to irritate the irritated, yet shy, Trump hater and put up more stuff. See what happens in a lockdown during a pandemic following an election year? Or is it just that Jersey people are this colorful all the time...

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