The Union County Board of Freeholders has launched a first-of-its kind program called "Youth Forward." The service connects residents ages 14 through 24 with job placements, internships, tutoring, GED services, career and college counseling and training and certification courses.

"Youth Forward is tailored to the 14-24 age group in recognition of the unique needs, circumstances, and opportunities for young people to find their footing in the economic life of Union County," Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella said.

"It's certainly the first time in Union County that we're targeting that age group to get them the skills they need to compete in the work force, get their education, get their foundation and get ready for a successful career for themselves," he said.

For some young people, the program is about finishing high school and getting a diploma. For others it might be securing an entry-level position in an office.

Mirabella said he's proud of the program and hopes young people will take advantage of all the program has to offer.

For more information on the "Youth Forward" program, call 908-558-2520 or send an email to

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