It's a typical item in the sense that it normally gets used every single year. Especially during the winter season.

In fact, there are a handful of items that most in New Jersey haven't used in quite some time. Not because they're lazy or anything like that.

But rather, because there's been absolutely no need for it. And more likely than not,  you probably purchased this some time ago with the hopes that you'd be using it sooner rather than later.

But as we all know, not a single year is the same as the previous one. And when it comes to seasons, that couldn't be any truer than in New Jersey.

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For example, the summer of 2022 was hard on the Garden State. That's when New Jersey was under the grip of a long and relentless drought.

On top of that, it was also hot. Just thinking back it's hard to even count how many heat waves New Jersey actually went through.

But then, trends reversed in 2023. That summer, the weather was a lot more tame. Yes, we still had some big storms and extremes.

But by and large, the weather gods were much kinder to us. Hopefully, the upcoming summer season is also not one for the record books.

New Jersey winter

The same can be said for winter. For example, the winter of 2022-2023 was one of the most mild winters New Jersey has ever experienced.

In fact, it was more like an early spring the entire season. We had to get all the way to March before a more chilly pattern started to take hold.

But as for extreme cold? It didn't really happen, with the exception of the Christmas holiday.

As for snow? It also really didn't happen. Maybe a dusting for some and an inch or two, but that was about it.


Think of it this way. Did you need to grab a snow shovel at any point last winter? The answer's probably no, with only a few minor exceptions.

Now that the winter of 2024 is underway, things have certainly changed. For the first time in a long time, people need to grab those snow shovels to keep those walkways clear.

And if you purchased a snow shovel last year or the year before, chances are this might be the first time you actually used it. The same goes for snow blowers that most likely sat in storage for quite some time.

Snow boots, gloves, and hats might be some other items, but they certainly weren't as idle as those snow shovels were.

(zest_marina, ThinkStock)
(zest_marina, ThinkStock)

However, there's yet another item you might've had stored in your home that went without being used even longer than that.

When was the last time you used that rock salt? I mean, really need to use it over the dangers of a flash freeze?

2024 in New Jersey might be the first time it's necessary for such a reason. With snow melting and rainwater on the ground, rapidly dropping temperatures are never a good thing.

And that's precisely what those in The Great Garden State need to watch for this winter season. Unfortunately, there's no super-early spring for us this time around.

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It just goes to show how different one season is from the next. And with the winter of 2024 proving to be much colder, snowier, and icier than previous seasons, it might be wise to keep that rock salt and those snow shovels handy.

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