Quick action by a Brick police officer saved a choking EMT at the Brick town hall.

According to the Brick Police Department Facebook page, EMT Katelyn Lammer was stationed at the Brick Town Hall screening people as they came in. She started choking on some food and couldn’t dislodge it herself. In the video, you can see her, in obvious distress, searching for help. She knocks on the plexiglass of the front desk and two officers come out in a matter of seconds.

Brick police identified the two officers as Sgt. Austin Kenny and Sgt. Charlie Kelly; Sgt. Kelly immediately starts performing what appears to be the Heimlich Maneuver and quickly clears the woman’s airway, allowing her to breathe freely again. The whole video lasts only about 90 seconds, but it’s pretty thrilling to watch a life get possibly saved so swiftly.

Usually it’s the EMTs doing the lifesaving, but in her moment of need, Katelyn Lammer was lucky enough to have a trained policeman nearby to save her.

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