A Monmouth County Republican state senator is out of Twitter "jail" and is awaiting a meeting with the warden to discuss why his tweet about vaccine passports was pulled.

Twitter suspended state Sen. Declan O'Scanlon's account on Friday based on a June 25 tweet against vaccine passports.

"Given that we have crushed Covid with (a) combination of natural immunity and voluntary uptake there is no reason anyone should be compelled to take the vaccine. Restrictions/mandates/vaccine passports all uncalled for," O'Scanlon's tweet had said.

It was replaced by a message that states "this Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules."

He agreed to have the message removed from his account but did not want to push the issue for fear of further punishment.

O’Scanlon was unable to tweet from the account for 12 hours. Upon his return Sunday, O’Scanlon asked Twitter to explain which rule he violated or to admit that he was suspended without cause and apologize.

O'Scanlon told New Jersey 101.5 that he is going the get the opportunity to "have a discussion" with Twitter.  No time or place has been finalized yet.

O'Scanlon called Twitter's decision to pull his tweet a "huge, huge overreach."

"Whether you agree with my opinion or not, the tweet was absolutely correct. The part that was opinion was a reasonable opinion based on the facts. If such a tweet or social media post can be canceled it's a problem that everybody who cares about clear, open, honest and balanced discourse should care about," O'Scanlon told New Jersey 101.5.

O'Scanlon believes that if a social media message incites violence or purposely miscommunicates information to cause harm it should be removed.

"But once you start regulating what the average person would think is a reasonable opinion you're crossing a huge line of overreach and it's dangerous. We should all fight against it," O'Scanlon said.

One good thing that came from "Twitter jail" was the bipartisan support he received.

"The rallying of the community once word got out was really wonderful. The support was great. Both sides of the aisle are worried about big tech legitimately," O'Scanlon said.

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