♿ AC superintendent parks in handicapped spot

♿ She used her mother's placard

♿ School official already charged with child abuse

ABSECON — A school official already facing legal troubles has another court date after parking in a handicapped spot at Home Depot.

La’Quetta Small, the superintendent of Atlantic City schools, was caught making the faux pas in late May. She's also the wife of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

Video posted to Facebook by former AC council candidate John Exadaktilos showed Small's Chevy Tahoe double parked in a handicapped space at the Absecon Home Depot. Exadaktilos said he called the police.

Small was later sent a ticket, NJ.com reported. She has a court date set for July 15.

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La’Quetta Small gets ticket for parking in a handicap spot (BreakingAC)
La’Quetta Small gets a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot (BreakingAC)

School official used mother's handicapped placard

Police bodycam footage obtained by BreakingAC showed two police officers responding to the parking lot to speak with Small.

The superintendent said to the cops that she was using her mother's handicapped placard. However, Small's mother was not with her.

According to state law, the placard holder must be with the driver for the vehicle to be parked in a handicapped spot.

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Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, center, speaks at a news conference in Atlantic City with his daughter Jada and attorney Ed Jacobs
Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, center, speaks at a news conference in Atlantic City with his daughter Jada and attorney Ed Jacobs 4/1/24 (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

School official charged with child abuse

Small and her husband, the mayor, were both charged with second-degree child endangerment in mid-April.

Prosecutors said the couple's 16-year-old daughter reported being physically and emotionally abused to a school official.

Officials said one beating left the girl unconscious.

Both Smalls have denied the accusations.

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