Last week, I got so sick and tired of my kids sitting around playing video games so I took them to Asbury Park... where they sat around and played video games, pinball games, basketball, air hockey, and baseball games. The sign says it is the Number 1 attraction in New Jersey. The Silverball Museum may be right!

Where once there were arcades in malls across New Jersey, now you have to hit the AP boardwalk to find this little piece of nostalgia. If I were king, all boardwalks would have a Silverball Musem. It's the ultimate baby sitter. My kids were in there for hours. There were pinball games and video games from as far back as the fifties and as the Who sang, we "must have played them all." I think we are now coming to the age where a father's best memory will go from teaching his son to hit a baseball or throw a football to operating the video remote.

I loved showing off my Ms. Pac-Man prowess. Since I can't beat them at their games, it was nice to take them in mine.

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