My sons Albert and Lennon are 10 years old and growing up just like I did back in Union City. When I was their age all the walls in my room were covered with pictures of NFL players as are theirs. I collected jerseys from every team as do they and when it came to playing football, it was more of an obsession than a passion. That's evident by the hours they spend everyday with their friends playing tackle on my lawn or running passing drills in between. I feel like I'm reliving it when I'm outside throwing to them.

This past Sunday, I took them to dinner with some of the guys I grew up playing with in Union City. They heard our old stories and told us some new ones of when they play. We talked about how lucky they are to have enough friends to play a game with everyday and how lucky we were not still have each other after all these years.

Steve Trevelise's sons
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What I love about hanging with these guys is that no matter how old you get, when your at that table, you're eternally 15 and with my sons being ten, they see the love that we share and learn about how the relationships they form now could last them the rest of their lives.

You don't see kids playing on the street anymore. They're either in travel leagues or playing video games, or just not interested. Luckily for me, you do see it in Roosevelt. It's music to my ears when I hear Albert say to Lennon, "go long and I'll hit you by the slide." I used to say the same thing only the slide was a sewer plate over the middle or a Chevy up the street. I am really enjoying this time with my sons!

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