I love my audience because they get it. We spend so much time at night making fun of New Jersey that when they get a story like two people getting married in the courthouse bathroom in Freehold, they just kick right in....

  • Comedian Tina Marie — Was White Castle all booked up?
  • Keith Vena — When they recited their vows, the judge who married them must have said “do you take each other for richer or poorer, life or death sickness and in health and #1 or #2!
  • Butch Budai — "Will you promise to always put the seat down and Flush?" "I DO!"
  • Tom Aiello — I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now flush the toilet.
  • Comedian John Kensil — Then they cut the urinal cake.
  • Brian Nolan — "There wasn't a dry seat in the house." The marriage announcement was in the Wall Street Urinal.
  • Chris Eppolito — "At least if it doesn't work out they can say, it started in the shi**er and ended in the shi**er."
  • And last but not least Louis C. Hochman — You may now disinfect the bride.

Imagine the reverb of the band when they played their first dance? John Lennon would be jealous!

You may now p*ss the bride, which I'm sure you will do many times hereafter.

Hopefully when it was over they washed their hands.

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