Growing up, my favorite sandwich was something we called the "Union City Sub" which was fresh Italian bread, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, and roasted pepper. Each ingredient came together to provide the perfect taste for a sandwich.

Now with more and more people staying away from bread, we look for things to substitute like wraps, or pitas, maybe whole wheat. But I found something that not only works so much better but is so much better for you.

Try stuffing a giant fresh red pepper. If you cut off the top, it creates a perfect pocket to line with your favorite cold cuts. condiments, spices, and of course, cheese. The strength of the pepper walls holds everything in and it's crunch adds to the taste. Not only that, the red pepper is a natural weight loss food.

Personally, I like to line the pepper with olive oil, some salami or pepperoni, maybe capicola, then slide in the mozzarella and eat hardy. What's great about this, you don't feel as guilty afterwards! Mangia!

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