We were joined by Cara DiFalco of Cara's Cucina this morning and she brought an amazing Italian dish for the morning show team to enjoy. Cara brought in a Pizza Rustica Pie and it was AMAZING. The Italian dish, normally made around Easter is a combination meat and cheese pie. It's normally either called Pizza Rustica, Pizza Gain or Pizza Gaina. Whatever you call it, one thing is for sure, it's SO good!

We enjoyed it so much we decided to create our own hashtag for it, call the morning show team the #CleanPlateClub. There was not a crumb left, that's how good it was. It is fantastic! Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, who is admittedly a very picky eater, absolutely loved it.

If you missed Cara's segment this morning, you can see some of the highlights in the YouTube clip above.

Want to try and make it yourself? We've got you covered! View Cara's recipe and directions to making Pizza Ristica, in the clip below.


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