The crew on the NJ101.5 morning show are always coming up with something new to cook during the show. This time, we decided to take mac 'n' cheese and make it even better!

I know what you're thinking. How could you make mac 'n' cheese even better? You deep fry it! We decided to celebrate President-Elect Trump's victory, by making his favorite dish!

Now, you can't just throw mac 'n' cheese into a deep fryer. There's a process to this. You have to get an ice cream scooper, carve out some mac 'n' cheese balls and then freeze them Once frozen, you can bread them with panko bread crumbs and then you deep fry them.

The prep work took place in the studio and we fried them up outside and they were DELICIOUS!

We do talk about food just about everyday on the show, so we decided to have some fun and create a Twitter poll to see what our listeners wanted to hear more of on the show,

You can watch the entire process in the YouTube clip above.

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