So as I'm getting ready to perform with Joe Piscopo, Bill Spadea, Jessica Nutt, Jay Black and Chip Chantry in the big benefit to raise money for the Boys and Girls clubs in New Jersey, I'm watching the video of the Animal Adventure Park Girafe cam and sympathizing with the poor animal.

Can you imagine being that pregnant and having someone train a camera on you 24 hours a day? No wonder you don't see the father in the video. But then again, we really don't know much about the father or who he is.

Then I started thinking about the fact the my dog Fluffy used to hump everything that didn't move and suddenly stopped about the time April the giraffe got pregnant. So I began an intense interrogation to crack the case. Could my dog have succumbed to the feminine wiles of a giraffe in a low neck sweater? Then again any sweater for this giraffe would be low neck. All I can say is if it did happen, it would take a Jersey dog to pull it off and I ain't talking about the sweater!

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