The NCAA needs to discipline Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough for yelling "F**k Trump" as the team ran out of the tunnel onto the field in the National Championship game in Atlanta. The president attended the game and was on the field for the National Anthem. Scarbrough also needs to apologize. As an American, I'm offended.

Who does Scarbrough think he is saying that about our president in an Alabama uniform? Everyone's entitled to their opinion but should that opinion be expressed on NCAA time?  Is this the look the NCAA wants to show to the world? How does that look to the world or do we even care about that anymore? Whether you like or dislike the president doesn't matter as an NCAA player you need to show respect at least for the position if not the man.

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Chances are Scarbrough's comment will advance his social media brand which is all that these athletes really care about. Obviously he doesn't care about what message it sends to any kids that may look up to him or imitate him. The NCAA needs to care and they need to take action. The NFL should also take note of this as well. What would they do if one of their players said that coming out of the tunnel? Probably nothing and that's sad as well.

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