So there I am, taking my kids to their very first Giants game with my wife, sister and brother in law. It's also the day that the NFL is honoring veterans and military members with a "Salute to Service" with booths, games and exhibits everywhere. It was a great opportunity to shake their hands and thank them for their service. You're reminded of what they do when you see actual soldiers armed with guns keeping us safe. I must say I never thought I would see armed soldiers patrolling an NFL game, but welcome to 2017. It was also a great time for pushups.

One of the Army booths had a 'pushups for prizes' and the line was pretty short. Having done the 22 pushups for 22 days to raise awareness for the high rate of veteran suicide, I'm thinking "here's my chance to impress the crowd." I ask my kids to join me, they say no. I ask the soldier what the record was, he says 57. I'm thinking "I can do that." So with no warmup, on a cold rainy day, I give my wife my phone, drop, and go for it.

It happened so fast that my wife didn't start recording until I was in the middle, but you can hear the officer calling out the number. There was no cheating as he made me go all the way down, there as also no 57 as I got as far as 40 before I gave out.

You know what else there was none of? There was no kneeling during the National Anthem as every player stood while we celebrated our country. When you see all these soldiers up close and watch the salute that was put on before the game, you wonder how anyone could do anything but stand.

To anyone in the military reading this: Thank you for your service!

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