Tax hikes are nothing new in Trenton. Now with a new governor, your taxes will continue to go up right through the 2021 election. The governor is pushing for new taxes and raising existing ones. Our property taxes are already the highest in the nation and the cost of living in the Garden State is getting beyond affordability for many working and middle class families. The latest round of pain could be filed under "good intentions"... but we know the intentions of the politicians in Trenton are anything, but good for the rest of us.

As you know, the Trump tax cuts that were championed locally by my friend Congressman Tom MacArthur will benefit MOST taxpayers in New Jersey. That's right, most. Of course politicians with a self serving agenda don't want facts to get in the way of an emotional anti-Trump narrative.

Enter the "workaround." Thanks to Congressman Josh Gottheimer, the New Jersey legislature got it in their heads that the state can allow residents to pay taxes locally as a charitable contribution. Oh boy. First of all it's very clear in the IRS regulations that if you receive any benefit from the contribution, it simply isn't charity. Therefore, no deduction. Or are the pols in Trenton telling us we're not really getting anything for our money? Then why are our taxes so high?!?

At the end of the day, the bi-partisan support for this ludicrous, non-starter "workaround" is embarrassing and another reminder of how both parties are working hard to accomplish nothing except pave the way for special interests, lobbyists, lawyers and all the rest of the insider-elites to continue to prosper while the rest of us struggle to remain above water in our home state.

I do want to point out that state Sen. Tom Kean did stand up to be counted pointing out how ridiculous it is to pass a bill aimed at pushing back on IRS regulations without addressing the actual problem. Yes, the same problem that has plagued our state for decades. Out-of-control taxes and politicians more interested in lining their own pockets than fixing the corruption and waste that defines our government. Who speaks for New Jersey?

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