Sometimes there's no better getaway than the ones you can find right here in New Jersey. A major publication has revealed what they think the most unique hotel in New Jersey is.

Here in the Garden State, we're always looking for something new and unique to do, so why not plan a really great weekend getaway?

That's where this really awesome list comes in. It's a collection of the most unique hotels in every state in the nation. put together by the travel experts at Love Exploring.

This is a really reliable source when it comes to these things, so we couldn't wait to find out which hotel they chose as New Jersey's most unique.

Brick Beach III
(Jen Ursillo, Townsquare Media NJ)

Would it be a Jersey Shore hotel with an amazing view of the ocean? That would be great, but that's not what they chose.

Maybe it's a creeky old Cape May Victorian with a ton of great ghost stories. There's nothing more unique than that, right? It's not that either.

Google Maps
Google Maps

They took it in a very cool direction, by not only picking one of the most unique hotels in the state, but it's also probably up there with the most unique hotels in the whole country.

Their choice is a really amazing place in beautiful Weehawken.

Their selection for the most unique hotel in the garden state is a place called EnVue, and it has a super appropriate name because the view of New York City is absolutely breathtaking.

Google Maps
Google Maps

EnVue is located at 550 Avenue at Port Imperial, and if you want to have a great and yes unique experience, you have to give them a call.

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