Justin Casquejo of Weehawken got in trouble with the law two years ago for getting past security at the World Trade Center and climbing perilously like the daredevil he is. His punishment back then? 30 days community service and a 1,200 word essay and why what he did was wrong. Granted he was in the juvi system then, but that was the best they could do was treat him like a kindergartner? Now he's 18 and this time he and his friends eluded security at Manhattan's Central Park South Tower still being built. The video may freak you out. He doesn't just climb this thing, he pokes a stick in death's cage by doing things like hanging on with just one hand.

He talks about making your life a beautiful work of art. What Justin, by risking it? For some of us our wives and children make our lives beautiful works of art. If your life is so empty you need to constantly dangle it off a cliff then I feel kind of sorry for you. A post on NYCFireWire.com, a blog visited by New York City firefighters reads, "Should the thrill seeker's selfish act fail, it will tie up highly trained technical-rescue resources and put members at risk." I agree. Not to mention his body potentially hitting an innocent person in the street.

Take a look at the video and ask yourself...is this guy an inspiring hero or a jackass who needs to actually be punished for real this time with a jail stint? One thing I will note is it says something terrible about the security we have in place at vulnerable skyscrapers in NYC. It makes me think of Frank Abagnale Jr. portrayed in the movie Catch Me If You Can by Leonardo DiCaprio. Abagnale was a conman who was eventually used by the government to stop other conmen. If all they're going to do is assign him essays then maybe we'd be better served having him do some contract work for Homeland Security to get a better handle on security at our nation's buildings.

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