You know how angry you are having to wait what seems like forever for the tow truck driver when you break down? Imagine what they must go through before they get there.

That's the conversation I had when my car broke down Monday on my way to an inspection with my sons in the car and Triple A sent Jason Lantier from J and L Automotive. Jason showed up, very friendly, got the kids involved in the towing process and while we were driving the truck to my mechanic we started talking about tow driving in New Jersey.

"The number one thing you want to remember is that yes we understand that you're going through a crisis, most of us had to get up in the middle of dinner to help you out because we want to get you home safe," Jason says, "when on the highway, always stay on the side of you car that's closest to the shoulder, stay away from the road."

Jason also says "the respect that we give you guys we expect in return," and cited the night before when a woman got so mad that he was running late that she threw her keys at him and left the scene. It turns out he was called by the police to help out an accident scene. Triple A then told Jason it was his option whether or not to help her out.

He also has a funny story about a guy who called Triple A because he couldn't understand why his rear lights kept coming on when he hit the brakes! Only in New Jersey!

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