Earlier this week I had a dinner meeting that was about half way for me and my wife Jodi and our friends coming from Morristown. We picked a place in Hillsborough called Ama Pizzaria.

Wow. Chef owner Achille and his wife Renita are perfect hosts and the food was over the top good.

I had the gnocchi with a short rib sauce. It was so delicious that I haven't stopped talking about it and plan to return as soon as possible. Of course, once I started talking about the gnocchi, our audience weighed in and shared the best places across the state to enjoy the delicacy!

Including Ama, here's the list to round out the Top 5:

The top five best places for the best gnocchi in New Jersey

Bill Spadea's callers gave Bill the top five places for the best gnocchi in New Jersey

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